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My Story & Why Body Better Physical Therapy

My Story and Where Body Better LLC Physical Therapy Came From:

As a physical therapist I’ve worked in many different practices and settings and even when working for the most accommodating companies, I always ran into treatment and time restrictions, working overtime to finish programing, documentation and billing after hours in order to spend as much time with my patients while they were present. I was burning out and exhausted just one year out of school. Thankfully as a military spouse I’ve been uprooted a few times and have been able to refresh with each move and try various job to find what works and what doesn’t. Throughout my pregnancies I was constantly teaching myself how to exercise and modify things in the state I was in. After having kids I tried seeing physical therapists myself to find accountability and help to return to CrossFit, running, jumping without leaking and to heal my abdominal separation, but none of the providers I saw could serve me in the capacity I wanted or needed. Hence, I found myself teaching myself these tools once again.

Body Better is a place for active women to stay active. Through pregnancy, after childbirth and years down the line, you can and should keep moving, without fear and without restrictions. In my model of care, I can spend quality time with you, without constraints and I know you’ll feel better - because I’ve been through it myself and I've found what works.

I look forward to talking with you and getting to know you!

Dr. Alexis Booth, PT, DPT, CSCS

Body Better LLC Physical Therapy

Milton, Florida

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