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Healing My Husband

My poor husband has been an ongoing patient of mine for years now, ever since he met me and we found our love for working out together.

Now, it's gotten even moreso (better, in my opinion) since we built our home gym, & my office, in our garage here in FL. It's almost better that he has some awesomely standard things I see in patients that I KNOW how to fix VERY quickly (ie: weak glutes and knee pain just to name one 😀) and it's legit because it reassures me how much I love what I do and the awesome outcomes we're able to achieve.

Tonight, long story short, we paused a workout because he started having pain, I gave him some correctives, we resumed the workout and he was able to complete the exact same workout, same weight and reps, etc without pain.

THIS IS 100% POSSIBLE for SO many people but they just don't realize it. Or they simply haven't found the right provider to help them navigate these correctives. And maybe someone else's pain is way different than this situation but regardless I wish people knew the magic us PT's could work! When given the time with a person. And this part is crucial. In today's society PTs are given 30 minutes or less with a patient and hit walls of insurance and billing and way way overworked seeing 20+ patients per day. Therapists have to fill their head with insurance and billing knowledge and treat around what's acceptable for this third party that honestly, likely couldn't care less about the patient. I refuse to see patients this way. I refuse to give people subpar care, and when I was in this type of setting long long ago I frequently would overwork myself to go above and beyond for each patient to do the best within my means - and I know most other PTs do the same. I was burning out only 1 year into my career out of school and I am so thankful I had the opportunity I did and where that path has taken me now. (those stories for another day, maybe when I see you on my table!)

Back to my husband, though.

Yes, he is biased.

Yes, he gets free 24/7 physical therapy whenever BUT tonight he straight up said,

"PT's are way under-utilized."

If you had the opportunity to do _____ again without pain, wouldn't it be awesome??

Maybe one of these things:

Play with your kids.

Get back into running/skiing/biking/CrossFit.

Options are endless!

Get in touch and let's make this happen!!

And if I'm not the right fit for you, I promise I will find someone that is.

Life is too short to live it restricted.

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