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Did You Know – Everyone has a pelvic floor!?

Say whaaaaat!? Yes! Men and Women ALL have Pelvic Floors! This means we are ALL susceptible to pelvic floor tightness, weakness, leaking, pain, etc, etc. The list goes on and on!


Did you know you can treat pelvic floor dysfunction WITHOUT an internal exam most times!? This is where Body Better PT and Dr. Alexis Booth in Bountiful, UT comes in!


Here at Body Better Physical Therapy in Bountiful we do NOT do internal pelvic floor exams. If this is something you need, this is super important and we can point you in the right direction where you'll be safe and taken care of.

But, often times we’ve found that clients dislike internal exams and they CAN be treated successfully without one!

Fear not!

If you hate the exposure or dislike internal exams that is TOTALLY FINE!

We can treat your symptoms, complaints and dysfunctions from a casual, “external” point of view. Pelvic floor physical therapy meets performance physical therapy with a breath + movement based approach.

What questions do you have? Book a FREE discovery call to discuss them with Dr. Alexis by clicking HERE!

Both Men and Women Can Benefit from Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, pregnant, postpartum, or anytime!
Both Men and Women Have Pelvic Floors :)

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